Sunday, July 6, 2014

"The Best Thing That Happened to Her Was Weave"

I have heard that said to or about people and I have even read it online. Harsh much? Yes.

To me, basically, that statement means that girls aren't naturally beautiful and need fake things to look good. How disturbing.

What are you thoughts on this?
Weigh in!


  1. Hey sammy. I tried installing crotchet braids yesterday..using something similar to the freetress curly braiding hair but the hair just won't stay even after knotting 3 times, it always seemed like the knots keep loosening up. Now I'm currently wearing crotchet braids with kinky hair. Any tips on installing the curly extensions? becuase I would want to reuse the curly one in the future.

  2. Hey!
    So, what you need to do is to create a loop. Instead of passing the extensions under/through your hair fully (that is, to end up with the ends of the extensions on either sides of your cornrow/flat braid, you end up with a loop on one side and the two ends on the other). Next, pass the two ends over your cornrow/flat braid and through the loop. To make it more secure, you could turn the loop over/twist it and pass the two ends through it again then pull on the two ends to tighten it.
    Also, just because the knots keep loosening up doesn't mean you have to get worked up over them. My mum got bored and tired of tying up knots in my extensions so she just started passing them through and leaving them like that (not secured in any way). I have had my crochet braids in for for months now and not a single bit of it has fallen out yet (and I manipulate it often (I put it in low buns, a half undo, I wear it up in a pineapple-like style sometimes, but wear it down most of the time)).

    p.s Spritz your extensions with water or run wet hands over them daily to refresh them and have your crochet braids looking good for as long as possible (that's what I do to stop them from looking messy and frizzy after a few weeks).