Friday, July 4, 2014

My Reaction to the Article, "White Women on #TeamNatural? No, Thanks"

Okay! I'll start by saying this, I'm pretty sure some of you have read the article on titled, "White Women on #TeamNatural? No, Thanks." Please remember, what it says is just Jamila's opinion and not that of (I hope).

So, here's a summary of it, "The black hair movement does not need to be racially diverse."

My Reaction

Whaaaaaaat? Hol' up! So, are y'all being racist? Are y'all discriminating against white women? No? But you want them excluded?
Wait! So, black women were made slaves, told they were not beautiful and started slapping on some creamy crack, skin bleach, et cetera because they wanted to seem more white, "more beautiful"? Now, they're standing up for what they have and embracing it and their beauty so white people have to stay out? Umm.....hol' up! How many slaves does Sarah (lady mentioned in the article) have? How many black people has she mistreated? Don't make her suffer for what her ancestors did.
And black ladies need to stop victimising themselves. I'm not saying racism has ended completely because we all know it hasn't, but black ladies need to realise that they need to stop saying things like, "people don't consider black women as beautiful" because I have heard of many black women that are said to be beautiful and I, someone who looks like a full-black, have been told that I am beautiful by both white and black people.
Stop making it seem like black ladies have it SO BAD and whites have it SO GOOD! Stop making it seem like straight hair is SO EASY to take care of. I have seen that it isn't.

Many white women struggle with their looks. As a matter of fact, many white, Asian or Arabic ladies who we think are naturally straight are actually naturally curly. I have a Japanese fried who surprised me when she told me that she gets a relaxer when she gets noticeable new growth (and I did see her new growth a couple of months ago and it was curly). I have an Arab friend who pretty much detests her curly hair and wishes she was born with straight here. I have a WHITE friend who straightens her hair every. single. morning. because she believes people find straight hair more beautiful than curly hair. BLACK women have felt and some still feel the same way so what makes them any different from the blacks when it comes to this hair thing?

So....what is this thing we call, "natural hair"? Basically, it is our hair in its natural texture/has not undergone a texture-change with the use of chemicals. We have made that term, "natural hair," relate to just curly hair now, aye? So, Sarah has curly hair. She didn't always accept it, but now she does. Is she any less natural than any black woman that has been featured on I think not. If everything in the post/feature/interview/article about Sarah on Nikki's site was the same, but the pictures in that blog entry were that of a black woman would there be this controversy about the post? Will Jamila's article on exist? I think not.

Jamila works for and I'm pretty sure that recently, was (for the lack of a better word) celebrating that (Black) African writers are in the Vogue magazine. If I'm write, that magazine was started by a white person and bought over by a white person. If blacks are happy to be in a white person's thing, then why can't we be happy with a white person being in a "black person's thing?" Think about that. Remember! I'm not saying Jamila's opinion is the same as that of!

Seriously, to all the black people out there, if you really want racism against blacks to end, quit making statements like Jamila's, quit not accepting whites in what you consider to be a "black thing," quit discriminating against whites and quit discriminating against yourselves. And please note, I'm not saying that all blacks do this.

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