Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My crochet braids update


Hello Lovelies!

So, here's a lil update on my crochet braids:

  1. Yes, I still have them in
  2. I've had them in for about 8 weeks now
  3. I've washed my scalp and the crochet braids twice now and rinsed them out a couple of times after workouts (usually just after zumba sessions on Tuesday nights)
  4. Still looks pretty good
  5. Big and curly, big and curly, I love my crochet braids!
  6. I have over an inch of new growth under the braids.
  7. My crochet braids are like a muffler. They keep me warm when it's cold.
  8. It was raining some day and I held out my crochet braids with my hands under them and guess what? When we got to our destination (by foot), I was the only one who was still dry. My crochet braids are like an umbrella.
  9. From a couple of inches down my back, I have waist length hair thanks to my crochet braids. Hehe ;)
  10. I still moisturise and refresh my crochet braids like it's my actual hair.

I miss my hair, but I love this protective style. I'm going to take it down this December and get it redone. Best protective style ever!!!!



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