Sunday, October 27, 2013

I invite you to....

Hello everyone!

So, I would like to invite you all to a live Natural Hair Q 'n' A session with the beautiful Alicia James on Sunday, the 3rd of November, 2013 at 2pm CST (7pm GMT). It'll be on her YouTube channel.

I'm sure you'll learn quite a bit from her and feel free to ask her whatever questions you wish to even relationship questions (the q 'n' a isn't strictly hair based). I am sure she'll give good, honest answers. (I've attended quite a number of her live Q 'n' As, they're good fun and her answers are always good).

Alicia James

So, when you get there, in the comments box, please type in, "SammyWithTheBigHair invited me to this," "Sammy invited me to this," "SammySingally invited me to this," or "@BigHairedSammy invited me to this," so, I know how many of you are on there and I can personally thank you guys for checking out my blog.

See you there!

(and no, my last name is not "Singally" :) )

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