Wednesday, March 13, 2013


SO..... I was at a supermarket yesterday when a lady called my mum and I over to part of an aisle right opposite the foil papers and cling films (which my mum wanted to buy). She started talking about some new and "VERY" good product Dark&Lovely has started selling. She said, "it will make your hair grow long and strong, manageable, it will give your hair a very good texture......." then she picked up a box of relaxer and said, "this is the product." Lord have mercy on us! My mum and I laughed. Then I just kept on grinning while my mum did the talking, "um....she's natural," she said, "and she's convinced me to go natural and there's no way you can convince her to purchase your product." The lady was like, "she's natural and you're going natural," my mum was like "yes" and she was like, "and you like your hair like that?" the look on her face was a cross between slightly bothered and slightly disgusted. My mum went on to say, "your relaxers have damaged my hair before and....." The lady then went on to pick up another product, she was like, "we have something a natural like you could use," my mum warned her, "she's very particular about the ingredients in products," the lady gave me the product with all confidence and was like "check it." As I looked, I kept shaking my head and saying, "no," "no," "no," as I crossed so many terrible ingredients. The lady looked a tad bit bothered. I asked, "do you by any chance have the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale products" she was like, "what?" I repeated, "Dark & Lovely Au Naturale" she was like, "what is that?" I was like, "the new product line Dark & Lovely is selling, the one they just launched recently" and she was like, "I've never heard of it," I stared at the "Dark & Lovely" t-shirt she was wearing.....a D&L worker that doesn't even know the products her company sells.
THAT WAS A F.U.N EXPERIENCE! Bad humour, I know, anyways.....

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  1. I saw an old hairdresser at my gym the other day. She used to do my relaxer (and T's). She says "oh, you natral now (in a Jamaican accent LOL). She asked if T was natural too. When I told her yeah, and even showed her a picture on my phone, she said "how you manage? Tru her hair was so TIC' (thick). I smiled and said "Yeah, it WAS thick wasn't it". Hmmm. Meanwhile, her hair is in weave and braids (That's fine, but I hope to see her actual hair one of these days--especially since she's a hairdresser).