Saturday, September 22, 2012

My next challenge

Hey there,

So, you must be wondering, what's Sammy's next challenge gonna be? Or, well, there still is a possibility that you're not thinking that, but you're still reading this, aye? So that means you're interested in knowing what it is (or sorta).

Anyways, here's my new challenge (you can tag along if you'd like to):

Making my very own curly pudding.

Gaaaaah! I've wanted to do this for quite some time now.

So, the thing is..... recipe...What recipe will I use?

Okay! so I was writing the above a couple of days ago, but never got to finish so, I guess I will now:

I tried making my curly pudding today. I heard that a good way to use up products you had a long time ago, but stopped using for some reason was by using it to make other things. So, remember that OLTG (the lock and twist gel? I did a review of it on here? remember? does it ring a bell? even a tiny ding? Okay, I don't know where I'm going with this! Anyways.... :) )
So, here's my recipe:

  • Shea Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Rosemary (sieved out (the water while hot was poured over this and left for several minutes))
  • Water
  • Organics Lock&Twist Gel (shea butter, rosemary and water are more than this)
  • Conditioner (Tresemme Naturals)
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Protectant (just about 2 spritz)
I mixed everything up manually (with a fork and in a cup). It's final consistency was like that of whipped shea butter, but a bit lighter. Mixed everything up thoroughly till it was so smooth you'd have thought that I bought it that way from some store in some place in some country in some continent in some earth, in some (okay! I have no point in this).

ANYWAYS, I've tried it out. Used it to hold up 2nd day hair (which I have got to wash lol). It held pretty well, didn't leave a white residue, didn't make my hair hard (well, it felt hard-ish for about 10-ish minutes then let up), my hair's shiny, not dry and one can guess it's a second-day puff lol (slept with the puff in 'cause I got home pretty late from a formal dining with a bunch of the people in my grade. Our last formal dining while schooling together 'cause we're graduating this coming June! I remember when I took my braids down, combed my hair out into an afro (using a pick) then held it up (using an elastic head band), people were like "how'd you get your hair to hold up like that?" they thought it was pretty cool.).

So, I'm going to try another recipe when I run out of this (if I run out of it before November). Till then, so far, this has been pretty good. I'm going to wash out my hair before I sleep, maybe use a bit of this on it (but use my homemade secret moisturiser on my hair first) then I just might use a lil more of my curly pudding before I head out tomorrow.
I <3 being a mixtress!

I'm still thinking 'bout that "Sammy's Little Bowls" thing. I just might do it sometime. I'll see how my things do locally first. Also, I'm going to be making hair accessories, bow clips, hair bands, etc. Once I have everything set up, I'll let you guys know and maybe set up an online store (just incase you guys see something you like (and want), you better see something you want and buy it, I order you, I ORDER YOOOOOOUUUU! lol just joking, (bout the whole ordering you thing and that you must buy something)).

Anyways, gotta go,
Gotta study now.

"Love you, Curlies"

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