Friday, August 3, 2012

Coming Soon

So, I haven't posted much in a while. Why? been busy......ish.
Anyways, here's a quick low down on what's coming up next:

1. Tangle Teezer review (and it's G.O.O.D)
2. Afro Pick review
3. Denman Paddle Brush review
4. Twists with extensions tips, care and stuff
5. Hair Care (finding what works for you, etc)
6. BeeMine hair products review (when I finally get them)
7. Journey towards Graduation Hair (land). This is going to be from September till June (when I graduate). It's also a 6-inch new growth challenge 'cause I'm wearing my hair out long and curly for my graduation.
8. Goody Ouchless Bands review
9. Goody hair grips

So, yeah! I've finally bought a tangle teezer, afro pick and paddle brush! I tried the tangle teezer out a few minutes ago (took out the twists at the front. I'll talk to you guys about my twists later). Anyways, a quickie is that I absolutely love the tangle teezer.
I haven't used the other things yet. So, I'll let you guys know about them when I take all my extensions down around the 29th.

So, talk to y'all later.
Have a fun summer!

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