Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear, SammyWithTheBigHair, we cordially invite you to...

Hey Curlies!

So, we have been invited to Natures Gentle Touch! Woohoo! I got the invite today while I was out shopping with my mumJ. The guy that invited me to it has a lovely really kinky afro. He couldn’t believe it that I make my own hair products, transitioned by myself, created my own hair regimen that’s working for me and so on. I mean, I’m the only girl my age that I know of, in person, that actually cares about these things.
So, what’s Natures Gentle Touch? Well, according to what’s behind my invite, “Natures Gentle Touch is a natural hair care brand by Recare that is dedicated to providing solutions to different hair and scalp problems like hair breakage, dandruff and hair loss, using natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil & Jojoba Oil. The program is holding at the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute.”
I’m so going to be there and afterwards; I’m going to tell you guys about it (with pictures and allJ ). I’m actually curious to find out if someone is finally getting everything right with hair here.

Okay! So I'll let you know when exactly I'm going in a few days :)
Kinda excited! :)


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