Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 2: 2nd review (Organics Lock & Twist Gel)

Okay, so I've had mini twists in for about  a week now. I washed my hair (with the twists in, this morning - I'll talk about that in a different post) and then well...Anyways, to the point (I need to get to the point quickly nowadays), so far, the Organics Lock&Twist Gel, which I'll start calling OLTG now, has been pretty good. It has helped to keep my hair looking neat, the fly-aways down, frizz to a minimum and it does make my hair moist.
The stuff it's in says, "Combines Moisture & Hold  for Lock and Twists," in front and "Great Hold, Super Moist, and No Flakes," at the back. I must say, this product does what it says. Well, for me, that is.
Okay! So, how do I get it on my twists and how do I tame frizz and fly aways if I see them or get them or whatever:

1. I get some OLTG on my hand, rub my palms together and then in a scrunching motion, move down bits of my hair (random sections).

2. Once I've done that to majority of my hair, I repeat the scrunching thing without any product on my hands then I shake my hair out.

3. I hold my hair up with two banding hair bands (hair bands used for banding - which I haven't done yet). I hold my hair up in two. I section my twists in 2 unequal parts across my head '----' this way not '|' this way. I hold the top half with one band and the bottom half with the other making sure my ends are held under then I tie a scarf (a 100% polyester one) over my hair. I place the scarf round the frontal area of my head, hold the two ends and then criss-cross them behind my head and then tie them in front then tie them into a bow and tuck in the ends.

4. By morning, I usually leave the scarf on (if it's still on my head by morning which 90% of the time, it isn't, but if it isn't, I get a little water, oil or just olive oil and really little OLTG over the frontal half of my hair) and shower without getting the scarf or my hair wet. Then I go down, have some breakfast and remove the scarf just before I leave my house.

Results: Frizz-free, fly-away-free, neat looking, good-looking mini twists :) Works for me!

Okay! buildup. Depending on what else you put in your hair, you should get little to no buildup caused by this product.

Do you apply your OLTG to wet or dry hair?
Both, actually. When I got home on Friday, around 5pm, my hair was still wet from when I swam from 2:40pm till 3:40pm. I didn't really care, though. Plus, I had thoroughly rinsed out my hair even though the pool didn't have chlorine in it (had an alternative). Anyways, I got some OLTG to it because it looked a bit, un-neat after the swim.
Also, I have gotten wet hands on my hair several times (water = moisture) and then gotten the gel on.
I've just gotten the gel on on dry hair too.

Will you continue using this product?

By the way, how long are you keeping your mini twists in?
4 weeks in total. I have just 3 weeks left. Hopefully, by proper care and the help of my OLTG, my twists should last that long. I would've said and maybe longer, but by then, I'll be taking out these twists to avoid them locking and also because I have to redo them for a little something called bootcamp :)


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