Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 1: Intro and 1st review (Organics Lock & Twist Gel)

Hi :)

I have been wanting to post on here, but well, I had a horrible 'h'experience (someone said something quite upsetting about my hair - I was going to vent on here, but changed my mind). Also, my laptop got seized 4 days ago (got it back yesterday - don't ask).
Okay! so, I've been doing a bit of research on the Organics Lock&Twist Gel. Today, I was out at a supermarket with my parents and I saw it at the hair section. I picked it up, found my parents and dropped it in the trolley. My dad was like, "all the things you're putting on your hair'll make it fall out someday," by the way, looking at my table right now (with my hair stuff on it), I have a John Frieda Heat Protections thingy that I bought last summer, but didn't use till last month, I also have my Organic Tea Tree Gro (leave-in conditioner. I should review this!), the Lock&Twist Gel I just got today and everything else is natural! (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Homemade Rosemary Oil....) In the bathroom, I have my conditioner, but it's like basically finished (added a bit of water to the bottle), and in my walk-in closet (which is full of things that need to be unpacked), I have my shampoo (which I have been avoiding for a really long time now), Vitals Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner (never buying it again, by the way), and the rest is natural, palm oil, honey (in a closed up jar).... I haven't used the Vitals thingy and shampoo in only God knows how long, so..yeah, I basically just use natural and organic things on my hair (I got the Lock&Twist Gel to have something to review and because I wanted to try it out and see if it'll work for me for like emergency/rush reasons).

This review is going to be like a stretchy thingy. It's going to last for about 4-5 weeks.

Week 1, starting today:
My hair has been suffering from the chlorine in a pool, I've tried so many things including baggying for a whole day, but my hair just won't feel as lovely as it did before I swam (and I did prep my hair before swimming so, I don't know what's going on, plus my dad complained that the chlorine was hurting his eyes). *sigh*
I bought a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil today. I haven't used it on my hair in MONTHS! We ran out and I knew my mum won't pay for a bottle of it for me if I'm going to use it on my hair (so, I went shopping with dad :) ). When I got home, I took my satin PJs and scarf off my hair (I found old satin PJ bottoms and I haven't found the time to cut it up into a scarf or bonnet so, I just tie it on and tie a scarf over it). So, I took the PJ and scarf off my hair and went to my bathroom where I ran water (from the shower) over my hair till I was pretty sure it was rinsed out well and finger detangled then I  went back to my room with a towel round my neck and shirt (but not my hair!), I shook off some of the water and then got some olive oil into my hair. Afterwards, I got a tad bit more than a 50p (coin) of the Organics Lock&Twist Gel into my hands, rubbed it together and tried getting it over my whole hair (yeah, yeah, it's gonna be kinda light on it and it didn't get 'everywhere'). 
Now, it's been quite a long time since I did all that and my hair feels good. Definitely not crunchy! Hearing of crunchy hair and touching crunchy and dry hair due to gels, put me off ever trying gels out on my hair esp. after I started my natural journey. The only gel that has ever touched my hair (that I remember) is aloe vera gel (straight from the leaf) and I've always been kinda scared when using it so I always have an oil or shea butter on my hair before using it.
For now, I'm loving the results, the semi-defined curls and kinks and so on...

Curl definition: Semi = curls aren't very noticeably defined, but they do look defined, in a way. Just not that much.

Feel: SOOO NOT crunchy! My hair feels moist (or should I say moisturised?), good too and it doesn't really feel how some people's hair feels after they get gel on it (or how I'm used to their hair feeling) which is dry, crunchy, flakey... No. This gel makes my hair feel good.

Would I try it again?: I'm the kind of person who if I get negative results on the first day, that day is going to be the last day, but I got good results today, which is the first day, so, I'm going to try this product out again.

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p.s I am so hoping and praying I get good results during week 2, plus, I'm hoping my hair doesn't start to dread if I keep the mini twists in for over 2 weeks (or a week). I think dreadlocks and sisterlocks (or sistertwists) are pretty cool, but I just can't manage or handle my hair like that, plus, my parents hate it and well, my dad's Nigerian and you know Nigerian parents (well, most of them, esp. my grandmother), they think dreadlocks and sisterlocks are pretty unruly and make people look like they're crazy (*sigh*). I think it's cool, but well, I just love my hair out like this (braided or in twists too).

Talk to you later.

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