Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marissa Chukwu is Naturally Glamorous

I know I haven't done an interview in a while and I guess it's because I've been busy with school and stuff and also, I've been waiting to stumble onto a picture of someone that makes me go, "I HAVE GOT TO INTERVIEW THIS PERSON!"
So, I'm going to introduce you to my very good friend of 'God-only-knows' how many years, the crazy girl that you will never fully understand, who makes orange juice when life gives her lemons and leaves you wondering how on Earth she did that, a strong lil ol' lady, Miss. Marissa Chukwu! :)


How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for a 1 year and 4 months now.

When did you get your first relaxer and why'd you get it?

Sadly I have been relaxing my hair all my life up until now without choice due to the fact that my mom was not so keen on me having nappy hair at the time (But now she loves it :D )

What made you decide to go natural?

I had a very bad experience with heat and weaves due to my hairdresser who believed that straight hair was the only way to go so my hair was practically on the verge of falling all off and breaking on all sides. I didn't really think of going nappy at the time cause alot of people around me weren't really into the idea but I guess I wanted to try something a little different, having straight hair most of my life was getting boring ha ha.

How did your family and friends react to the idea of you going natural?

Lol! Everyone I knew thought I had gone bonkers: no one took the idea positively at all which was simultaneously hilarious and depressing to me. (*cough* *cough* I gave you "subtle" lol hints to go natural years ago, even wrote out a list of products and blogs for you) The day I decided to do my big chop was actually very unplanned. I had woken up, looked in the mirror with disgusts of how my 3 month old transitioning hair was looking (curly at the base, straight at the ends) and decided its time. I big chopped my own hair in my bathroom! I can never forget the shock my mother had on her face when she saw most of my hair on the floor.

What's your hair journey been like so far?

Absolutely amazing! I wish I had gone natural years ago. I've had the chance to experiment with so many style and hair regimens. I didn't even realize how much hair care I could have been doing since if not I had gone natural. To be honest, for me, its not watching my hair grow that's the fun but learning more and more of the possibilities that come with having nappy hair. I;m even looking forward to trying more regimens and styles as I discover them.

What is your daily hair regimen (including your night-time routine)?

I like to keep my regimen as simple as possible because it's not what you use that matters but how its's used. IN the mornings I moisturize my hair using coconut oil/avocado oil, Cantu Shea butter conditioning hair repair cream or just raw Shea butter that I have imported from Nigeria, a little spritz of water and voila! Nothing too special. Then at night I spritz my hair with a mix of water and apple cider vinegar, moisturize with the Shea moisture raw Shea butter deep treatment masque (believe it or not that product makes some awesome twist-outs) and also an oil; most definitely coconut oil/avocado oil/olive oil. Ladies! Silk scarfs are your friend, nothing worse than sleeping after moisturizing your, going to sleep and finding all that product on your pillow. I've learned the hard way ha ha. I also wash my hair weekly to make sure my hair is clean, fresh and moisturized well; deep condition twice a month.

What are your go-to hairstyles, which is your fav. and how do you achieve it?

You'd be surprised the amount of styles you can achieve with an Afro. I definitely am a fan of up-dos like medium to high puffs but I don't do it excessively cause it tends to affect my edges sometimes so when I'm not rocking my up-dos, I would be rocking like a nice fro-hawk or your everyday protective styles like kinky twists.

What are your must-have hair accessories and tools?

Afro Comb! Afro Comb! Afro Comb! Ha I'm kidding, no but really my Afro comb is my number one tool right next to bobby pins, I've tons of them! I don't really go over board with using much accessories when it comes to my hair, I have used shoelaces numerous times to do my up-dos. Other times I may just have like a plain black head band, bandanna around my head for a lazy day style but that's it, nothing really crazy.

How do you deal with hair issues such as: breakage, shrinkage, length retention and moisture?

Lord, I fear breakage, I hate it so badly. I definitely keep my hair moisturized as much as I can to prevent breakage and I've disciplined myself to not touch my hair alot or comb alot. Initially shrinkage and I did not get along, I hated the fact that I would have my hair all puffy and high one day and then get so flat the next. But hey! That's nappy hair, now I've accepted them, embraced them even but if need be I resort to stretching my hair using cornrows and twist-outs.

What products do you currently use, and how are they working for you?

I am a great fan of the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus hairline but just the shampoo and conditioner. As I went along with my hair journey, I realized I didnt need much of the curl enhancing smoothie to do a good twistout but I definitely love the scent it leaves in my hair. I also love the Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner for natural hair. They leave my hair so soft and smelling lovely it is ridiculous! For moisture I'm really into oils but not much; just coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil. For even more moisture, I love using the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and Cantu Shea Butter Hair Repair Cream. Apart from that water in a spritz bottle is my classic :)

Hand-In-Hair syndrome - an issue I have now only that....it's not my hand. Do you have this issue? Do people ask before touching your hair or do they just randomly reach out and touch (or grab) it? How does this make you feel? What is your reaction to this?

I guess people have noticed I am a fanatic about my hair care so they know better than to touch my hair without my permission. Hand in hair syndrome is very hard sometimes ha ha especially when you're rocking a style that you made yourself that came out right. I guess it's just about disciplining yourself. Most times I can handle not touching my hair cause I'm distracted by school work.

What do you love the most about being naturally curly?

Diversity, the many forms that curly hair can take. Today my curls could be extra defined, another day my hair could be so puffy. With straight hair I couldn't really do much, but with naturally curly hair, the possibilities are endless!

Any advice for the natural teens, parents, kids and grandparents?

Patience is key, at first your hair may look like it wont do anything but before you know it, boom! Also, you-tube and Google are your friends, no one really taught me what I do, it was through research and experimenting with what works best with me. Don't look at other people's hair and neglect yours, the ladies you see rocking mega Afros were once at TWA's making the most of it so like I said earlier, patience is key.

Are you still into art and are you working on anything we should look out for?

Heaven knows I miss art more than anything but between school work and the extras of being a pre-medicine student I barely have time to paint anymore. However I am hoping this summer I will be able to get back on so be expecting some surprises ha ha.

Where can we find you online?

I've got twitter @marissa_cc and Facebook as Marissa Chukwu. I also have a tumblr at marissa-cc.tumblr.com.

Lol, I am still contemplating getting an instagram.


So, guys, go check out, my good friend, Mesa! :)
Hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as enjoyed it!

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