Monday, October 27, 2014


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I am here to give you hope about detangling.

Okay! So, I am still in a protective style at the moment, but I am going to talk about my experiences each time I took down my protective style (especially the last one).

As your hair gets longer, detangling gets easier. Like whaaaaat?! I never believed this till I experienced it. Okay! So, it's easy to detangle when you wear your hair short and then it's harder during that in-between stage (between long and short hair) and then it's easy again!

Last I knew, my hair was just a little past APL length. I took down a protective style (after protective styling for 4 months straight (I washed my hair while it was still in the protective style, don't worry) and like, I just needed a spray bottle with some ACV and water, my fingers and a shower comb to take out the tangles on the first day I washed my hair with the protective style out to detangle and then like, skip to the next time I washed it. Imagine super tangled hair that has been worn in all sorts of styles and has reverted and become all shrunken due to the ever present drizzle here in England. Yup! That was my hair. Guess what? I just sectioned my hair into 4 sections, got in the shower, turned the water on and as it went onto each loose section, I would hold my hair out gently (stretching it) and then run my hands down it with my thumb pressed into the section and my tangles are gone! Like, I just have to do the whole hand-thumb thing to get out shed hair! I don't need tools to get my hair 100% detangled anymore!

Okay! So, like I said, I'm just posting this to give you guys hope! The struggle will soon be over. I am glad that I do not have to spend 1.5hours detangling my hair anymore! :)

Can't wait till my hair is even longer! (I do see some new growth under my protective style, though :) )

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