Wednesday, May 28, 2014

After Insanity


So, y'all know I did the Insanity workout ("DID" I SAID, "DID!" I ACTUALLY DID IT AND FINISHED IT THIS TIME! OHMIGOSH!!). So, in this blog post, I am going to talk about my results and my future plans because I feel totally useless every night just sitting in my room or what ever. I need to continue working out daily.

Okay! So, Insanity started off well, and then we did plyometrics and I was like, "heeeeeeeeck no!" But I did it and kept up with the other workouts in month one always craving a Cardio Recovery, the day off, and looking foreword to the Recovery Week. So, Recovery Week came and that was a joke. Recovery, aye, Shaun T.? Stuff was still intense! But I didn't give up. Month 2 started with Shaun T's attempt to get me killed - Fit Test AND Max Cardio Circuit. I did it though, and kept craving Max Cardio Recovery, Core Cardio & Balance and the day off. Eventually, I finished the entire Insanity programme and I was as happy as.......ohmigosh!

I took pictures on my first day, at the start (I think) of month 2 and I am yet to take an after Insanity photo (that's bad, I know). In the first 2 set of pictures, I could see a difference. My body was WAY more toned! Looked really good. I was proud of it.

So, anyways, Insanity's over now and it ended with me having a bad knee. Yay! Fun! Not! It's painful! About a week or so after I was done with Insanity, my joints in me shoulders, elbows, wrists, both knees and my ankles started hurting. Like hurting enough to make me cry and spend most of my time in bed because it hurt to move. I don't think the joints issue has to do with Insanity, but hey! I have Nigerians in my family! Blame it on the I..I..I..I..Insanity, blame it on the I..I...I...I..I..I..I..I..I..I..Insanity! If they're reading this, they won't get the whole "Blame it on the Insanity" thing I just did. Hehe. Hey, family! :)

Anyways, so, I've decided that a week after ALL my joints are fine, I'm going to start a new BeachBody workout and it's going to be Shaun T's Rockin' Body! I couldn't decide between HipHop Abs and that, at first, but then I heard the soundtrack for Rockin' Body and I was like, "old school music! MY JAAAAAAM!!" and knew I'll have LOADS of fun burning 1,500 calories a day while jamming out to my favourite tunes. Gotta do what you love if it's of benefit to you!

So, yeah, that's all for now! :)
Stay natural! :)


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