Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venting + First sulphate wash in like half a year...ish



So....I don't know which to start with; the venting or the sulphate wash............
I guess I'll start with the sulphate wash.

So, y'all know that I've been CG for quite some time now, but today, I had my mum wash out my hair with a sulphate shampoo. Yeah, I know, I said my mum :) I'm going to get my hair braided/twisted with extensions some time soon so I was bound to sulphate wash some time. By the way, I used a John Freida shampoo (you, know, the one for curly hair). My ends feel dry, but despite that, my hair's fine. I am, however, cutting off my ends, God-willing, next week. I might get a sulphate wash done again once before I switch to the BeeMine Botanical (sulphate-free) shampoo (ordering it this summer).

Now, the venting:
So, my dad's threatening to cut my hair off, like everything. It's going to be like a whole new big chop. Okay! so, if you've ever read my hair story (which is up on here somewhere), you'll know how I got my first BC. Dad got a pair of scissors (not hair shears/hair scissors) and snipped off my ponytail then had me got  to a barber's shop (yup! full of guys getting their hair cut) and level it out. So, I had this boy-ish hair cut, like a really short hair cut. You know, like a Denzel Washington kind of hair cut. Totally wasn't funny. I was the girl with the short hair at school. I carried my bag on my head the next day just to try and hide off my hair. I was the girl with the gorgeous long hair one day, and the next, my hair was gone.
So, Mr. daddy-o is threatening to cut my hair off again. I should mention that he claims to not like short hair. My sis always had her hair short while she was in high school and I think part of uni then my dad was like, "enough is enough!" got mad and made her grow her hair out (which is like back-length now). My sis loved her hair short. I love my hair long and now, he wants to take that away from me. Again?
I know I've been talking about this 'getting my hair cut' for some time now. You know, finally getting the less than an inch of my relaxed ends off. Won't this be a way to achieve that? Yes, but NO. I'm working at BSL before prom. If I have another "Denzel" cut, I would never achieve that. I doubt I'll even be at APL by then. The same man that acted as if he was finally relieved that I had decided to grow my natural hair out is so against it. I don't get it!
He thinks that unless my hair is stick straight, it's messy and not combed (he thinks that my hair's only culry when it's not been combed right). What is that? Hair discrimination or what? He makes my bro get his hair cut lower than that "Denzel" cut and why's that? "Curly hair's not responsible." OH.MY.DAYS!!!! My bro grows out his hair whenever he's away from home, but once he visits or updates, say, his BB Profile pic with a picture of him, woof! his hair has to go. He once got suspended from school for cutting his hair! I know, I know, it's a British thing. Same thing happened to my cousin when he cut his hair. They were both on suspension till their hair grew back out.
We talk about standing up to the curl haters. I just wish I could stand up to this one (but I know I'm just going to get shut down).


p.s I'm done venting and talking bout my sulphate wash for now.
p.p.s My dad's the black parent. So, yup! he's got really kinky hair, but it's cut so low it's almost like the guy from 'My Wife and Kids'."

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