Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Pre-Poo Regimen

Hey everyone!

I would like to share my pre-poo regimen with you today. Eeep! I'm a bit nervous about putting this video up :).
Sorry about the voice recording, my next video will have a much clearer and better recording.

Okay! Before you watch this video, I will let you know that there is a slight difference between the regimen showed in this video and my regular regimen. This difference is that I usually just run my hands down my hair in closed fists with the oil/conditioner and I don't finger comb. Also, I tend to only use the Coconut & Hibiscus conditioner. The reason for this video being different is because I shampoo-washed my hair on that day (I usually just co-wash my hair, partially rinse out the pre-poo, add a little more conditioner and run a comb through my hair under the stream of water from the shower). On this day, I had to add other things to my regimen because I felt that my hair needed them (using the Restorative Conditioner too), I didn't use a comb in the shower, but instead, just worked with my fingers and as I was shampoo-washing, I needed to ensure my hair was tangle free before adding some shampoo to my hair because, as some of you know, the hair can tend to get really matted if you use shampoo on it without it being detangled. 

So, yeah, I guess this is my monthly pre-poo regimen, but slightly not the same regimen I follow during the week.


If you can't view the video, click on me


In case you're wondering, my hair fully reverted (and clumped wherever it wants to clump) is mainly type 4b. However, I do have some 4a and 4c strands of hair in some parts.

Also, you might notice that the back of my hair is much shorter than the rest of my hair, that's due to having a bad weave. The middle of my hair also has a ridiculously short bit of hair and so does the left side of my hair (the right side in the video) although that side is not as short as the middle of my head. I had a few practically bald, if not bald, parts of my head after the bad weave, but those have started filling up and my hair is getting thicker.


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